Open Topo Data

Open Topo Data

Open Topo Data is an elevation API.
Host your own or use the free public API.

Host your own

Install docker and git then run:

git clone [email protected]:ajnisbet/opentopodata.git
cd opentopodata
make build
make run
curl http://localhost:5000/v1/test-dataset?locations=56.35,123.90
    "results": [{
        "elevation": 815.0,
        "location": {
            "lat": 56.0,
            "lng": 123.0
    "status": "OK"

See the server docs for more about configuration and adding datasets.

Public API

I'm hosting a public API at

To keep the public API sustainable, some limitations are applied. I hope to raise these limits as I get a better sense of demand.

  • Max 100 locations per request.
  • Max 1 call per second.
  • Max 100 calls per day.

The following datasets are available on the public API, with elevation shown for downtown Denver, Colorado (39.7471, -104.9963).

Dataset name Resolution Extent Source API link (Denver, CO)
etopo1 1.8 km Global, including bathymetry and ice surface elevation near poles. NOAA 1596 m
srtm90m 90 m Latitudes -60 to 60. NASA 1603 m
srtm30m 30 m Latitudes -60 to 60. USGS 1604 m
eudem25m 25 m Europe. EEA Not in dataset bounds
aster30m 30 m Global. NASA 1591 m
ned10m 10 m Continental USA, Hawaii, parts of Alaska. USGS 1590 m

See the API docs for more about request formats and parameters.


Want help getting Open Topo Data running? Send me an email at [email protected].