API Documentation

A public API is available for testing at api.opentopodata.org.

GET /v1/<dataset_name>

Reads the elevation from a given dataset. The dataset must match one of the options in config.yaml.

Latitudes and longitudes should be in EPSG:4326 (also known as WGS-84 format), they will be converted internally to whatever the dataset uses.


  • locations: Required. Either
    • latitutde,longitude pairs, each separated by a pipe character |. Example: locations=12.5,160.2|-10.6,130.
    • Google polyline format. Example: locations=gfo}EtohhU.
  • interpolation: How to interpolate between the points in the dataset. Options: nearest, bilinear, cubic. Default: bilinear.
  • nodata_value: What elevation to return if the dataset has a NODATA value at the requested location. Options: null, nan, or an integer like -9999. Default: null.
    • The default option null makes NODATA indestiguisable from a location outside the dataset bounds.
    • NaN (not a number) values aren't valid in json and will break some clients. The nan option was default before version 1.4 and is provided only for backwards compatibility.


A json object, compatible with the Google Maps Elevation API.

  • status: Will be OK for a successful request, INVALID_REQUEST for an input (4xx) error, and SERVER_ERROR for anything else (5xx). Required.
  • error: Description of what went wrong, when status isn't OK.
  • results: List of elevations for each location, in same order as input. Only provided for OK status.
  • results[].elevation: Elevation, using units and datum from the dataset. May be null if the given location is outside the dataset bounds. May be null for NODATA values depending on the nodata_value query argument.
  • results[].location.lat: Latitude as parsed by Open Topo Data.
  • results[].location.lng: Longitude as parsed by Open Topo Data.

Some notes about the elevation value:

  • If the raster has an integer data type, the interpolated elevation will be rounded to the nearest integer. This is a limitation of rasterio/gdal.
  • If the request location isn't covered by any raster in the dataset, Open Topo Data will return null.
  • Unless the nodata_value parameter is set, a null elevation could either mean the location is outside the dataset bounds, or a NODATA within the raster bounds.


GET api.opentopodata.org/v1/srtm90m?locations=-43.5,172.5|27.6,1.98&interpolation=cubic

    "results": [
            "elevation": 45,
            "location": {
                "lat": -43.5,
                "lng": 172.5
            "elevation": 402,
            "location": {
                "lat": 27.6,
                "lng": 1.98
    "status": "OK"

GET /health

Healthcheck endpoint, for use with load balancing or monitoring.


A json object.

  • status: Will be OK if the server is running and the config file can be loaded. Otherwise the value will be SERVER_ERROR.

The status code is 200 if healthy, otherwise 500.


GET api.opentopodata.org/health

    "status": "OK"