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Dataset sizes

The table below lists the file sizes of the datasets on the public APIs server.

In most cases I converted the source files to compressed geotiffs, and the sizes given are after that conversion. A freshly downloaded dataset could be much larger depending on the format, but compressing with gdal should result in a size similar to what I ended up with.

API id Dataset Compressed File Size Notes
bkg200 BKG 200m, Germany 32 MB
etopo1 ETOPO 1 arcminute land and bathymetry 1 GB
gebco2020 GEBCO global bathymetry (2020) 3 GB
emod2018 EMOD Europe bathymetry (2018) 3 GB After conversion from .asc to compressed .geotiff.
nzdem8m New Zealand 8m DEM 9 GB
srtm90m SRTM ~90m 12 GB After conversion from .hgt to compressed .geotiff.
eudem25m Europe 25m DEM 22 GB
srtm30m SRTM ~30m 73 GB
mapzen Mapzen ~30m 142 GB After conversion from .hgt format to compressed .geotiff. The source files are 100s of GB larger.
aster30m ASTER ~30m 151 GB
ned10m US National Elevation Dataset (1/3 arcsecond) 260 GB